No 135 (2019): Forestry and Forest Melioration
Forestry and Forest Melioration

ISSN 1026-3365; eISSN 2663-4147

DOI 10.33220

Founder: Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration named after G. M. Vysotsky (URIFFM)

Focus and Scope: forestry, forest science, forest cultivation and afforestation, forestmelioration, forest entomology, phytopathology, monitoring, radiology, selection of tree species, gamekeeping.


М. М.  Vedmid, A. N. Zhezhkun, О. К. Poliakov, I. V. Porokhnyach, A. S. Pohoryelov
Growth of trees of main species in the plots of low-value young stands converted by the corridor felling
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A. V. Garmash
Pine stands of Forest-Steppe zone of Kharkiv Region: productivity and natural regeneration
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O. B. Prikhodko, V. P. Pasternak, V. Yu. Yarotsky
Condition, structure and productivity of pine forests of State Enterprise “Lymanske Forest Economy”
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O. M. Tarnopylska, V. A. Luk’yanets, O. V. Kobets, L. S. Lunachevskyy, M. G. Rumyantsev
Growth, structure and condition of stands planted on clear-cuts after annosum-infected pine stands
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V. P. Tkach, N. Yu. Vysotska, O. V. Kobets
Growth and productivity of coppice stands of the European aspen (Populus tremula L.) in fresh and moist fertile forest site types in plain part of Ukraine
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V. P. Tkach, M. Н. Rumіantsev, O. V. Kobets, V. A. Luk’yanets
Current state of oak stands in eastern Polissya zone
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