Pine stands of Forest-Steppe zone of Kharkiv Region: productivity and natural regeneration
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pine stands, age classes, forest types, stand stock, natural regeneration, ground vegetation.

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Garmash, A. V. (2019). Pine stands of Forest-Steppe zone of Kharkiv Region: productivity and natural regeneration. Forestry and Forest Melioration, (135), 14-23.


The research data on pine forest stands in Forest-Steppe of Kharkiv Region are presented. The main stand characteristics were determined in the main types of forest site conditions of the studied region, based on sample plot data. The data on density, stock, average diameters and heights were analyzed in terms of age classes. The data from the permanent sample plots in the State Enterprise “Skrypayivske ERFE” and the sites of intensive monitoring in the State Enterprise “Zhovtneve Forest Economy” and National Nature Park “Slobozhansky” are given. The dynamics of stand characteristics on the plots are shown; particular attention was paid to the growing stock of the stands. A description of the ground vegetation for the forest types was made. The pattern of plant placement in the area and the percentage of projective coverage were determined. On the sample plots, the ratios of the projective coverage of grasses, lichens and mosses were determined separately. The study showed the dependence of the coverage on the forest type. Data on natural regeneration were analyzed; its density, placement pattern, average heights and diameters were defined and their dependence on location through the site was specified. The viability category for the advance growth was determined.
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