Plagiarism Policy

Forestry and Forest Melioration respects intellectual property and aims at protecting and promoting the original work of its authors. Manuscripts containing plagiarized material are against the publishing ethics principles. Hence, all authors submitting articles to Forestry and Forest Melioration are expected to adhere to ethical standards and abstain from plagiarism, in any form.

The authors are fully personally responsible for the authenticity of the content of the articles. They must always refer to publications that have influenced the course of research or the interpretation of the results of the article. Permission to use tables, figures and large quotations from other sources should be obtained or confirmed by the primary authors.

In order to counteract plagiarism editor board carries out the following steps:

  • By decision of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief the article is tested for borrowings from third parties’ work without proper attributions by a computer program;
  • During the review of the article, the reviewer concludes about the absence or presence of plagiarism in it.

The Editorial board takes into account the conclusion of the reviewer and testing by a computer program. If plagiarism is revealed during editing the article is returned to the author.

If plagiarism is revealed after the publication of the article, the authors of the submitted materials are responsible, and the editorial board posts the corresponding message in the next issue of the journal. The Editors shall remove the PDF copy of the published manuscript from the website and disable all links to the full-text article. The term Plagiarized Manuscript shall be appended to the published manuscript title. All future submissions from the author can be rejected for a period of 03 / 05 / 10 years.

In case an author is found to be suspected of plagiarism in a submitted or published manuscript, the editors shall contact the author (s) to submit his / her (their) explanation within two weeks. If the Editorial Board does not receive any response from the author within the stipulated time period, then the Head of the Institution or Organization to which the author is affiliated shall be contacted to take strict action against the concerned author.