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mountain forests, forest categories, species composition, age structure, age classes, age groups, European beech, Norway spruce, silver fir

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Hudyma, V. D., ParpanТ. V., & Plikhtiak, P. P. (2018). THE FUNCTIONAL AND AGE STRUCTURE OF THE MOUNTAIN FORESTS OF THE UKRAINIAN CARPATHIANS. Forestry and Forest Melioration, (133), 71-77.


In the mountain forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians, forest stands with a predominance of European beech occupy 43 % of the area, Norway spruce – 42 %, European pine – 8 %, other tree species – 7 % of the area. By functional purpose, exploitable forests account for 45.5 %, protective forests – 27.7 %, nature protection forests – 17.5 %, recreational forests – 9.3 %. In each category, there are forests possible for main use and excluded from use. Forests possible for main use occupy about 487 thousand hectares, of which 78 % fall on exploitable forests, 5 – on protective forests, 6 – on recreational forests and 11 % on nature protection forests. Forests excluded from use occupy 479.8 thousand hectares (almost 50 %). The result of the use of clearcutting is the fragmentation of forest cover, the prevalence of even-aged stands and their modern distribution by age classes. In the forests possible for main use, age structure is uneven, the proportion of some age groups in the stands of all the dominant species is several times different from the optimal one. In forests excluded from main use, the optimality criteria for the age structure are similar to those used for exploitable forests. Considering their functional purpose, the idea of an “absolutely uneven-aged forest” is more appropriate here, and the main indicator should be the long-term sustainability and resilience of forest ecosystems. It is inappropriate to consider the age structure of derived spruce trees from the point of view of optimality since they require replacement with aboriginal tree stands. The presence of their young stands indicates certain shortcomings in reforestation.
ARTICLE PDF (Українська)